Level 3,

When I Am With You

By Elizabeth Elder

Reviewed by: Lawrence

Reviewer Rating: 4


When I'm With You is the enchanting story of a boy and a girl picnicking on a beach in Maine while unseen creatures watch from the bushes and reeds, leaving only paw prints in the sand, faint noises in the air and ripples in the water.

This charming story evokes memories of lazy summer days by the sea when a child just knew that friendly animals were somewhere nearby also enjoying the sunshine and ocean breezes.

Read Along Video

We are proud to feature native Chester County illustrator and fine artist, Leslie Mansmann. Enjoy reading along as Amelia Delpino reads and signs the book to the Red2Dream book Club. Amelia learned American Sign Language while earning her teaching degree at Nuemann University. A special thanks to Mason and Aiden, for filming their sister.