father and son reading
How To Grow A Reader

Renee Rappoport

In our digital era parents have to be resourceful in using all their parenting tools to help their child foster a love of books. Like gardening, growing a reader can be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Put on your Gardening Gloves

Show your child how exciting reading can be. Be a reading role model by setting a time each night that you turn off the television and computer and pick up a good book. Talk about your books regularly with family book sharing; a time when children and adults can share their exciting new books.

Dig up an Interest

Find fiction and non fiction books that revolve around a special interest or activity your child enjoys. Finding a fiction series that piques your child’s interest or imagination is a great way to keep them excited about reading.

Find the Right Seeds

Take trips to the book store or local library and let your child explore. Librarians are great resources, ask for their book recommendations! Ask your child’s teacher for recommendations about what reading level or type of book your child can handle independently. You want leisure reading to be pleasurable; not a task your child will struggle with.

Nurture the Reading Sprout

Remember that reading to your child is important at any age. This can be a special bonding time before bed time that your child can listen to a great story that you choose together. Children are never too old to have a story read to them!

Watch your Seedling Grow

Set reading goals for your household. Track how many books you read as a family or how many minutes a day you read. Kids love to see their progress. Set up a family chart and watch your child’s reading motivation grow and grow!

Admire Your Bouquet

One you have given your child the tools and the support to instill a love of reading, take a minute and celebrate the joy of a good book and the pleasure of growing your reader. Reading is a joy, an escape, an adventure; revel in the beauty of your bouquet!

Remember seeds take time and nurturing to grow into beautiful flowers. You are the roots of your budding reader, make books and reading an exciting part of your household and you will be amazed as you watch your reader grow!