reading with friends is fun
Join the Fun

A tourist was looking for Carnegie Hall, a great music hall, and asked a cab driver, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The cab driver answered, “Practice, practice, practice.” A lot of things are like that. To do well at it, you have to practice. Tying your shoe, throwing a ball, catching a fish, making pancakes — reading a book.

So, why should you interrupt your ball catching and pancake eating with learning to read? Good question. Reading is powerful stuff. And that power can be yours. Not three years from now — soon. The power will start to creep in at 25 books. By a hundred books, you will be on your way.

What power? My sister can read. She’s bossy, but she’s not a super hero. Good point. Reading power comes from two sources —knowledge and imagination. I will explain. (I can’t help myself, I am a teacher.)


You have seen the movies, so you know people didn’t always drive cars and have computers. How did we get from people like the ancient Egyptians and Romans, to the knights in shining armor, to the days of George Washington? Reading. People shared ideas and facts by reading and we improved. Yes, they read way back then. The Library of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Exactly. When you can read, you can find things out on your own.


When you read a book, you get into it. Your mind fits you into the story. That is imagination at work. As you get to be a good reader your imagination gets stronger. You can imagine yourself doing some pretty neat stuff. Which can lead to you actually doing some pretty neat stuff. Yes, you. Kids do neat stuff all the time. By the way imagination is the part that makes reading fun. I suppose I could have just said that at the beginning. Learn to read. Reading is fun.

My Book Club is something we do in my classroom to get us all reading more books than we thought we could. You and your parents should join us, too!