father and son reading
Getting Started

Young children need daily reinforcement of reading skills. The best situation is when they can read with an involved, committed adult. The child and parent can form a special bond over book discussions. They have common experiences through literature. Life’s lessons can be discussed through the common language of literature. Discussing how a character handles a situation can give the child the confidence to form opinions and hear how the parent feels about situations. Book discussions provide a safe environment to discuss difficult issues. Well read students perform well on standardized tests. They are more effective communicators.

When children join a book club with peers they have opportunities to express opinions in a safe environment. Time to practice communication skills, ask questions of others and evaluate books.

When children are asked what they would like to do with parents if they had a choice many children want time to read and snuggle with parents or play board games. Board games are an excellent reading and thinking activity for children. Building puzzles is another great learning activity for children when adults join in.

Get started with the Book Club

  • Click on the Book Club and make an account for your child.
  • Select an appropriate reading level. When in doubt, find a sample book that matches the child's reading level.
  • Get the free new member gift.
  • Snuggle up and read a book with your child.
  • Log back into the Book Club and add the book you just read to the list.
  • One book down and 99 to go! The first ten books are the hardest. It gets easier as the skills improve. Encouragement can come from another free prize when they have added 25, 50 and 100 books to your Book Club reading list.
  • It's fun to check out the reward zone with your child. if you are interested in sweetening the pot.

See below for a step-by-step reference to help you create an account. (A high resolution file is available in Tools for Schools for bulk printing.)