learning to read with Mom
What We Do

We encourage children to read through the use of challenges and rewards. The web site is designed to help children set appropriate reading goals and help them meet those goals through a variety of activities. Most children do not read enough written text daily to become fluent readers with great spoken vocabularies. Children participating in the Book Club will read with an adult for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. This exposure to written material will improve reading fluency, sight vocabulary, spoken vocabulary as well as communication skills.

The site provides each child will a place to record their progress. Children respond positively to the visual tracking of their reading progress. Their account page will keep track of their reading progress to give additional encouragement and suggestions for further reading, goal setting and rewards.

Great readers have many opportunities in their future. Reading with adults gives the clear message to the child that their academic progress is a priority. Children want to do activities that capture the parents attention.