reading leads to dreaming
Who Benefits?
The primary beneficiary is the children. Children gain greater vocabularies and therefore score higher on standardized tests. Their communication skills and problem solving skills are enhanced by reading a wide variety of genre. Advanced communication skills are essential to excel in today’s environment. Communication skills will be improved with daily reading and will make a significant difference in the child’s future.

Parents also benefit from reading daily with their children. Parents will have a better understanding of their child’s skills, interests and academic needs. This will help parents in communications with their child’s educational support team as the need arises. It also helps parents develop a rich learning environment at home, full of appropriate challenges tailored to their child’s interests and needs. The parent/child communication will improve due to the daily contact through books, poems, news articles. Children and parents will share common experiences, language and likes and dislikes as they share a range of genre and this will encourage more effective daily communication.