reading comprehension
Why We Do It
I am going to let you in on a well known secret. It’s the joy I get when a student’s face lights up when they “get” something. The eureka moment. That is why I launched Read2Dream — my passion for turning on the light.

I feel strongly that a lifetime of teaching shouldn’t end with retirement. I want the techniques and programs that I have found to be successful to continue to inspire and help children become great readers and dreamers. In fact, I want to transform my reading program to reach more parents and children, and enlist more teachers and schools.

Read2Dream relies on the passion and talents of others to be inspirational. I am fortunate to count among my friends: fellow elementary teachers, reading specialists, artists, authors and educators. Their help with articles, book reviews, live readings and other materials add depth and drama for both parents and children.

The name of my company is Kelly’s Kids and Critters. That is where my heart is — kids and critters — so that is where my money follows. Because Read2Dream is a worthy kid’s cause, revenue from the reward zone will go toward developing how the site works and its content. It is my dream to donate surplus revenue from the site to caring for the health of children and animals through my favorite charities: Saint Jude Hospital and North Shore Animal Rescue Center. You might say that Read2Dream, Saint Jude Hospital and North Shore are items in my personal Reward Zone shopping cart. I plan on working hard on this, because that is how dreams come true.